Let’s give them an ULTIMATUM: seize America’s energy opportunity or lose our vote.

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To those seeking elected office in 2016:

America has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to become the world's energy leader and take on our toughest challenges.

Right now, our elected officials are squandering that opportunity. If you want our vote, you must seize America’s Energy Opportunity by taking these four steps: 

  • Free consumers and communities to choose the most affordable reliable energy sources—no subsidies or mandates for anyone.
  • Free energy companies to develop all forms of energy, including coal, oil, gas, nuclear, and hydro, not just politically-correct sources.
  • Free energy transporters to build the ports, pipelines, tracks, and roads they need to move energy around the globe.
  • Free energy innovators to pursue demonized-but-safe technologies such as nuclear power and fracking.
Additionally, you must pledge to protect individuals from genuine threats to health and safety by passing laws based on science and evidence, not speculation and superstition.

Finally, you must refuse to pass any law or sign any treaty that makes energy less abundant, less affordable, or less reliable. 


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